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Dark Room Seance May 23, 2012

The question of Physical Seances and the reasons why phenomena only occurs in dark room conditions was recently discussed in a Psychical Research Forum. Kai Muegge of Felix Experimental Group had this to say when chatting with a researcher. I believe it is righteous for you to say, that you do not get persuading evidence…

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Trance Culture: FEG May 23, 2012

Pictures: Free Standing Ectoplasmic Column building up, photo’ed a few minutes bevor the faces were showing in the Substance – and with 4 seconds of time in between. The FEG Cabinet Sittings in the Home Circle always set something on top of its nearly unbelievable regular Phenomenology. Mostly these additional contents come in form of…

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Suicide – Where do they go? May 23, 2012

Where do they go after Suicide? My friend committed suicide many years ago and I was amazed to hear what many people thought about the subject and how much fear and suffering this belief caused amongst families. My job as a psychic medium is to provide evidence of the life hereafter, but it is more…

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