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Spiritual Retreats

In 2012 we will be arranging 2 retreats per year. These retreats will be limited and will involve a number of workshops over a long weekend. These workshops will be taught by Psychic Medium Jock Brocas and several other colleagues in the field of mediumship, spirituality and Psychical Research. Other retreats in spiritual development and dealing with life will be taught over the same time by Jock and his team of spiritual teachers. A percentage of the proceeds of these retreats will be donated to the ASSMPI to further the charitable and spiritual work of the organization.

Retreat Subjects

  • Living Well
The search for happiness is unending and ceaseless in the modern day and the truth is that many individuals do not know how to live well. We identify what it means to live a true and blessed life by investigating the intuitive/psychic abilities that we all have.
  • Meditation and Contemplation
The present moment is perhaps the most powerful facets of awareness of the now and the hidden connection to inner divinity, peace and awareness. During this particular phase of the spiritual retreat, we investigate the reality of mediation and mindfulness.
  • Psychic Living
What does it mean to be psychic? did you know that living i psychic life is not all about prediction. Your psychic gifts are available at your disposal and can be used readily to help you in your life. You do not have to be a psychic medium doing psychic readings to use these gifts.
  • Spirit Communication
This is the part of the retreat that we teach the individual the realities of spirit communication/mediumship.
  • Advanced Mediumship
Advanced mediumship is only available to those who are mediums or who understand mediumship. This is a part of the advanced retreat for those already ingratiated into the spiritual way of working and living.

Who should attend Spiritual Retreats

The very mention of a Spiritual Retreat often conjures up images of people sitting with teachers such as monks in large robes, starving themselves and remaining silent to achieve some form of enlightenment. This often turns many people off because of the stigma associated with this subject. However, a spiritual retreat can be fun, exciting and even life changing.

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Our Spiritual Retreats

Our retreats are not what you would expect. We have retreats for those interested in the paranormal, or for individuals who are looking to develop their own spiritual gifts. These retreats are then developed around the spiritual education process to help the individual make sense of psychic abilities or indeed mediumship. On the other side of the coin, we have retreats that are specifically designed around personal development of the individual on the spiritual path.

Spiritual Expectations

Every individual who comes on our spiritual retreats has expectations that are either misaligned or less than what they actually get out of a retreat. Some will come with an expectation of achieving great spiritual gifts and others come to experience a relaxing time with those of a like mind. Everyone gets something different out of the retreat interns of spiritual growth, spiritual understanding and a new way to look at their own lives from the inside out. You can of course come to relax and gain some much needed time for yourselves.


We will not;

  • Make you dance around like fairies because this helps you become one with nature or anything else for that matter.
  • Make you do anything you are uncomfortable with.
  • Tell you what to eat.
  • Force you to believe in misguided principles.
  • Promise you things that are unachievable.

What we will do!

  • Teach you the art of mindfulness.
  • Help you to meditate easier.
  • Help you to develop sound spiritual principles.
  • Help you to understand the spiritual path.
  • Help you to relax.
  • Deal with Conflict
  • Teach you about intuition and the role in your life
  • Help you to help yourself be all you can be

These are only some of the benefits that you will experience on a retreat with us. Furthermore, we wish to instill a sense of fund and with that in mind, we will have various events such as walking, cycling, self defense, or other physical pursuits to help you as well as creative tasks such as photography or art. Some of these pursuits will be taught by special guests on our spiritual retreats.


Spiritual Retreats

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Jock Brocas is a professional Spiritual Medium in Florida, Author and spiritual teacher. Jock is dedicated to teaching others how to use their intuition to keep then safe in a world fraught with danger. Jock teaches that we have an inherent power given to us at birth and this intuitive power is there to help us in the world we live in.

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