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Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship or channelling are very different from each other, however, like so many other forms of spirit communication, it is a very misunderstood practice. I have noticed with much dismay that many mediums have called themselves “trance” channels, when, in fact, they were not working in a genuine trance condition, and this is evident not only from the communication but the level and understanding of Trance Mediumship.

A medium has to link with the spirit and the spirit has to reduce their own vibration sufficiently to link with the medium, but only if the medium can raise their vibration enough and allow the level of control. When the guide or control connects with the medium, the spirit communicator exerts various degrees of control or temporary possession of the human vessel, or overshadows the consciousness of the medium to a greater or lesser degree. The medium should have no recollection or should be sensory deprived and this is not always the case.

The conditions required are particular and bound by intent and ability of the medium. The medium has to be willing to allow him or her to come under the control of a spirit entity and this is not an easy thing to do. Perhaps this is why the level of trance and the communication is so poor in the modern sense, as there seems to be a distinct lack of evidence.

Trance is Trance and considered the strongest degree of control, there should be sensory depravation or no real recollection. It should be noted that when in the correct trance condition the individual would not respond to painful stimuli or environmental factors. However there are various degrees of trance control: from semi trance state, which is not understood as light trance but far deeper to very deep trance. Deep trance is used primarily in physical mediumship and physical mediums will have no recollection or sensory control. There are tests that can be undertaken to ensure this.

There are many factors which indicate genuine trance control, and parapsychologists have used various tests to determine whether, in fact, a medium is under trance control; and, if so, to what degree.
Genuine trance is a strong sharing of mental and physical energies and consciousness between the medium and the spirit communicator. There is generally — although not always — manifested, within the medium, the following:

The voice patterns will change considerably and may take on several personalities, the spirit should be able to provide evidence. Furthermore, because in the trance condition the spirit communicator is speaking directly through the consciousness of the medium, the voice pattern, inflection, and general manner of speech differ from that normally exhibited by the medium.

Finally, much research has been conducted around the language patterns of dialogue exhibited during trance communication. There is very often a broken speech pattern, a reversal of sentence structure, and an overall change in grammar usage. This is very evident in the Cayce readings, the Seth material, in other famous trance mediums such as Ivy Northage,

The medium is not possessed in any way as the soul remains intact and evil possession cannot occur due to spiritual power and protection from ones own guide. Utilizing the consciousness and mental faculties of the medium controls the medium.


Trance Mediumship

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Trance Mediumship May 24, 2012