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Psychic Mediumship is a divine gift given to individuals who are destined to serve spirit for the betterment of Humanity. Mediumship can be broken into several categories such as Mental, Physical, Direct Voice and trance. I will discuss each of these types of mediumship in other pages. It is widely misunderstood and my wish is that i bring to you the reality and the science of mediumship including its various forms.

There should be an understanding that many individuals who claim to be mediums are actually not and this can be recognized by the methods used and the quality of the evidence that is given. The evidence that i speak of is the information that is brought through the medium to the sitter in order to validate and prove the existence of the afterlife. This has now become its own science and certainly warrants further investigation.

True Mediums very often can get to the root of a problem very quickly by passing on messages from the spirit world as well as advice in anything pertaining to the sitters life at that present time. You may have lost a loved one and grief has gripped you. No matter if it is of natural causes or under suspicious circumstances, a professional medium will be able to offer evidence of life after death, guidance for life and help to open up new lines of enquiry for other cases. Grief is probably one of the hardest emotions to deal with in your life and sometimes what you need is not sympathy for your loss but the proof that human consciousness continues after the death of the physical body – proof that your loved ones are near and not gone.  A properly trained psychic medium is able to pass on the evidence that proves the existence of our loved ones, even after they have left this earth plane. This proof goes a long way and perhaps is the catalyst for the individual to start the healing process and deal with their grief in a more positive way.

Some words of encouragement from Silver Birch, hope you enjoy the following excerpt from “When Nothing Happens”, taken from the “Teachings of Silver Birch” edited by A W Austen.
“No time that is spent in the desire for spiritual attainment is ever wasted. You wait very patiently, I know, but I want you to realize that great progress continues all the time. The bonds of unity between us are being strengthened and there is a quickening in the perceptions of your own soul powers. Growth, unfoldment and evolution are taking place all the time. The greater manifestations of the spirit are not in their outward expression, but in the quickening of the inner response, in the closer union between the unfolding spirit and the powers which seek to use it. Whether manifestation of the spirit is seen or heard does not matter very much. What is more important is the unfolding of your souls’ power, for, as you sit here week after week, so you are attuning yourselves to higher vibrations and becoming more accessible to the wisdom of your ages, which is always waiting to pour itself down into your world of matter, to obey the law of service. But it must find instruments attuned to its vibrations. And, as your souls unfold and you rise higher and higher in the scale of vibrations, so you come into closer touch with higher and greater spiritual forces, that are not seen or heard but which belong to the eternal realities of the spirit. That is the reality of your lives. So much of your time is spent in chasing the shadows, in trying to capture the illusion, in trying to secure the ephemeral. In silence, in harmony and in love, your souls unfold all the time. Though it may be slow, it is sure and certain.”

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Jock Brocas is a professional Spiritual Medium in Florida, Author and spiritual teacher. Jock is dedicated to teaching others how to use their intuition to keep then safe in a world fraught with danger. Jock teaches that we have an inherent power given to us at birth and this intuitive power is there to help us in the world we live in.

Mediumship May 21, 2012