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Dark Room Seance May 23, 2012

The question of Physical Seances and the reasons why phenomena only occurs in dark room conditions was recently discussed in a Psychical Research Forum. Kai Muegge of Felix Experimental Group had this to say when chatting with a researcher.

I believe it is righteous for you to say, that you do not get persuading evidence in the dark, that for you Light is needed.
I know a lot of people, including me, that have been present at Seances- in which supernormal proof was given, either Survival Evidence or phenomenological evidence – in darkness.

If people e.g. see self consistent movement of ectoplasm in good red light, materialized hands waving in good red light or columns of ectoplasm building up in the seance room, the proof thing has worked – for them!
Because let us be aware, that proof is ALWAYS a personal thing.

The moon landing was well documented, even though many think it was a hoax.
So to find conditions, that we can term as proof-giving for all will be very hard to achieve.
Furthermore as far than I know, Darkness is a certain condition, that is deeply connected with this part of Western trance Work culture. We know so many reasons, beginning with the observereffect, over psychological or mental effects and ending at several biological effects (photosynthesis), that seek for darkness.

Then there are the philosophical imlications regarding the occult – the whole word comes from the term “darkness” and there are many guides that tell, that darkness sets the human mind into the special condition, that make it receivable for the “Unseen”.
Furthermore controls have claimed, that that what happens in the dark cannot be grabbed completely by our cognitive system and because our awareness is built that way, that it fills out gaps in the perceivement with known matters, darkness is needed.

Here the danger develops, that sitters see things, that are not actually there (like an astronaut would do on the moon – after a few hours, maximum after one or two days, the human mind projects into the empty land of the moon known things from earth!)
That is because our mind is scompletely built for the range of perceivement of our 3 dimensional spacetime.

Moreover the entities claim, that the final proof won t be given to us easily and that “doubt”, like a the process called cognitive dissonance is permanently holding us in a reflective thinking process, that shall broaden our thinking processes and involve others to take part in the awareness process!
Love Kai


Dark Room Seance


  1. Psychic Readings

    This post is quitly related to what i was looking for Thanks a lo for posting your ideas about the psychis readings hope to see the next update soon.

    • Sanjay

      Thanks Russell.I take on board everything that you say. My trbloue is that I have been a Spiritualist for 25+ years, and you no doubt will know that everything we do within the Spiritualist philosophy is geared towards proving, and providing evidence of, survival. This is precisely what the late, great Arthur Findlay wanted his home, Stansted Hall, to be used for he envisaged it as a research centre of sorts, where science could work together with Spiritualism in order to provide proof of the afterlife, but unfortunately the SNU had other ideas for it I also take on board what you say about gaining as much personal experience as I can. At the moment, try as I might, I can’t seem to come up with anything. I think my right temporal lobe is well and truly blocked off, and I can’t release it. I have tried meditation, sitting for hours in a psychomanteum, and Spirit in the Glass’. It is only when my daughters are present that the latter works. I don’t seem to have a psychic bone in my body, despite being a Pisces, famous for intuition. The only intuition I ever had was that, on a soul level, I just KNEW James would die young, and I was so protective of him. I can’t explain it I just knew. Only my daughters have received ADC communication from James in the form of dreams, although I did have one very short dream where he was lying on a couch and I cuddled him, and remembered exactly what he was wearing. Then it immediately became a lucid dream, in which I started babbling Oh, this is my ADC a dream with you, James, thank you so much, thank you so much , at which point I was happy and woke myself up! (I had been nagging for him to come to me in a dream for some time at that point, and was almost giving up).Keep on the good work Russell. I have read lots of your posts on astral travel and lucid dreams and they are fascinating. I only wish I could do them like that! I always wondered about dreams, and whether we visit the astral planes every night. In which case, can I assume that our dead’ relatives get to see us wandering around their plane of existence in some sort of dream state each night? Very compliated!Much loveVanda x

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    Have you given any consideration at all with converting your current blog into Chinese? I know a several of translaters here which would certainly help you do it for free if you wanna make contact with me personally.

    • powers

      Sure, i have several blogs actually.

      • Maria

        Dear Vanda,I was very skeptical about David Thompson at first as well. Not so much about the epascltom photos because I was not paying much attention to those; I know photos of a paranormal nature (such a UFO videos and photos) can be easily faked or misinterpreted. Instead I paid close attention to the seance recordings. At first I thought they sounded rather fake or stilted in comparison with Leslie Flint. However after much closer investigation and very careful analysis of many more David Thompson recordings, photographs, and increased awareness of the true nature of physical phenomenon, I am no longer skeptical of David Thompson or anything that comes from him. Regarding your statement, Are we really so gullible, as spiritual people, that we unquestionably believe stuff like this, just so we can provide proof’ of the afterlife to others? I simply don’t have much time for questioning whether such photos are real or not, I simply want to manifest these types of experiences myself, and then know for sure that such phenomena can actually happen or not. I would rather not invest too much of my time or energy to deciding either for or against anyone else’s photographic evidence. The universe is far too complicated for us to ever realize and all too often many steps ahead of our limited understanding and sense perception. I personally had a hand materialize in my own bedroom while I was asleep during the night that tapped me awake on my left shoulder only a week or two after my mother passed away from breast cancer in December of 1991. Such things would be almost impossible to photograph because one always needs a light source to get the image, and any sort of light is completely detrimental to the epascltom. Ectoplasm is an extremely rare substance that requires an enormous amount of careful preparation from both sides of life. The creation of this substance involves the pancreas in combination with whatever substances the spirit entities can find on the other side. This glandular excretion must come out of the medium’s mouth or other locations of the body before it can be used. Ectoplasm is a poorly understood topic that is naturally widely subject to derision, ridicule and sometimes even disgust. You mentioned remote viewing. Yes I did include remote viewing as evidence of consciousness outside the body, but apparently not on the afterlife group page, probably because it may have been removed when FB forced me to upgrade the group. I mentioned remote viewing and even one of my own personal experiences in remote viewing on several different places on my afterlife websites. The most detailed being on my Total Astral Projection page. You are a brilliant person who certainly would never leave behind the scientific method of understanding spiritualism which is indeed a rare and refreshing way to approach Spirit. I would try to achieve as many personal experiences as possible and know for sure within your self that not only is there is a Greater Life beyond this one, but also that there is a whole universe of infinite love and joy to realize behind your closed eyes. All the best,Russell (Yogi Shaktivirya)

    • Rito

      Wow, what a wonderful post! Thanks for your cpmnlimeot regarding one of my websites! As far as being able to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass, or wet and semi-decaying leaves on the ground, heavy snowfall, thunderstorms, being able to play tennis, surf the internet, etc. in the afterlife, you need to understand that the afterlife is FAR more than just an afterlife. There are many, many levels of vibration accessible from the astral vehicle in this Greater Realm or Greater Life. There are millions of civilizations both alien and human upon millions and millions of astral and semi-physical worlds. Astronomers say that around 80% of the universe is made of dark (invisible) matter. I believe this dark matter is all the astral and semi-physical worlds such as Bashar’s planet, Essassani (Place of Living Light) which is 500 light years away.Some worlds are much more advanced than others and many worlds are just like Earth. Depending on what plane of vibration you are on, you will have access to all manner of experiences including EVERYTHING that you presently value and enjoy on Earth and things far beyond anything you can ever imagine at your present state of being on Earth! I know this is true because we all go there when we sleep, and I had a few very vivid astral experiences of brooks, trees, parklands, etc., and watched the sun rise from an astral plane that contained many natural dwellings built of materials from the natural surroundings right next to Earth’s vibration. Earth is an extremely limited state of being, you are restricted here to a very narrow spectrum of reality and material existence. What happens after passing, one becomes free of this very narrow spectrum and is then able to have access to many more levels of vibration depending on personal degrees of involvement, education and evolution. There are definitely thunderstorms, rain fall, snow fall, actual and completely natural ecosystems on the planes of existence closest to Earth and even on the mid astral planes there seems to sometimes be this sort of thing. Regarding Anthony Borgia or any other source of afterlife information one’s descriptions of the world or worlds they live in are bound to vary dramatically, because what is possible on one plane may not be applicable on another plane. Gravity and other laws of physics are bound to vary dramatically from absolutely Earth-like to very different depending on what level of vibration or type of existence the souls or spirits come from. I always prefer to refer to Leslie Flint’s paranormal voice recordings; they are the most trustworthy, honest, and reliable source of information that I know of. Bobby Tracy, for example, who lost his life along with his mother in a terrible car accident when he was five years old spoke very casually and joyfully about going to school, drawing and perspective, learning to read, swimming, boat rides, playing cricket, football, dominos, taking care of animals, climbing trees, etc. in the afterlife. Believe me, the Greater Life is so completely and incredibly natural, you never ever should worry about losing anything you loved on Earth, but rather you should look forward to all the additional experiences and abilities you will get to enjoy, most of which cannot even be depicted or described on Earth!All the best, Russell (Yogi Shaktivirya)


Jock Brocas is a professional Spiritual Medium in Florida, Author and spiritual teacher. Jock is dedicated to teaching others how to use their intuition to keep then safe in a world fraught with danger. Jock teaches that we have an inherent power given to us at birth and this intuitive power is there to help us in the world we live in.