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Powers of the Sixth Sense is an intriguing blend of how our cognitive senses and our psychic or sixth sense can be developed and relied upon for improving our well being and safety, for ourselves and for others. You may think that our cognitive senses are already developed but as Jock Brocas illustrates throughout his book, many people do not give enough attention to the world immediately around them and do not see or hear what is there. Being aware of our surroundings, including information available through our subliminal sensitivities, requires little effort and is a significant step toward enhancing our own safety. When we include our psychic sensitivities as part of our total awareness we can achieve, as Jock has done, a state of being that optimizes our ability to remain safe in a world that can toss many hurdles in our path.

There is much in this book that is timely, practical and integrative. It is timely since incidents of random criminal acts and deadly terrorist activities are increasing worldwide and can involve any one of us. It is practical and packed with useful common sense guidelines on how to actually maximize personal safety in a wide variety of situations in the home, business environment and while traveling. It is integrative and shows us how to be more observant, how to access our psychic sensitiv- ities and presents this in a unified mind-body-spirit perspective. The author demonstrates how the intuitive and the psychic interrelate for both conscious state psychic awareness and psychic access during sleep and dreams.

Readers will be especially interest in Jock’’s insights on how we can protect ourselves and our children against potential attacks by stalkers or predators. His advice for protection against abuse or even rape should be read by everyone. His vast experience in personally challenging situa- tions has given him front line knowledge of what it requires to survive, including ability to know the mind of the potential assailant or others who intend harm.

Powers of the Sixth Sense not only can help us achieve personal safety but also the safety and survival of our environment and consequently the survival of all living creatures. The author’’s keen sense of harmony and balance are a central aspect of how to experience unity with others and the environment, and his dedication to perfecting martial arts talents, especially the Ninja and the Budo path traditions, are the route, the way, that worked best for him as he evolved in his understanding of the deeper interconnectivity aspects of the universe. Throughout this book, he weaves incidents, some quite startling and life saving, from his experi- ences in the British Army and later as an international security specialist and body guard.

He demonstrates what he proclaims, and we are richer for it. So let us learn from him and discover how we can also achieve a state-of-being, a condition of harmony that is actually a gateway for intuitively knowing specific information that permits us to keep a step ahead of those unexpected bolts from out of the blue. As we achieve this level of outer and inner awareness, and can activate our psychic sense, out sixth sense, we become like warriors in mind, body and spirit and can move about, unafraid, amid emerging difficulties to avoid or prevent them. By exploring and developing the potentials within ourselves, we can also maximize the safety for ourselves and for our loved ones and survive in a troubled and tumultuous world.

In summary, the author’’s extensive experience as an international security consultant and personal body guard for a variety of individuals including celebrities and high risk business executives, are presented here for you to become your own body guard. By doing so you can enrich your life and help make the world a safer place for everyone. The vision that Jock presents to you is not out of reach but is within your grasp, so I recommend that you join him and the many others who have found the way of unity and harmony, the warrior’’s path, and create a life that is safer


and more efficient than previously thought possible.




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Jock Brocas is a professional Spiritual Medium in Florida, Author and spiritual teacher. Jock is dedicated to teaching others how to use their intuition to keep then safe in a world fraught with danger. Jock teaches that we have an inherent power given to us at birth and this intuitive power is there to help us in the world we live in.

Foreword October 21, 2013