Jock Brocas – Powers Of The Sixth Sense


Proof of Afterlife? November 21, 2012

Ever needed proof of the afterlife. Image source:… New book provides strong evidence for life after death Continue Reading Source: Rss Columnist Discusses Research on After-Death Experiences November 18, 2012

more research. Image source:… From Yahoo! Finance: The latest “Candid Comments” column by columnist, Craig Turner, is titled “Assisted Suicide: The Massachusetts Vote,” and can be read below and at Continue Reading Source: Rss

Biography: James Van Praagh November 18, 2012

This man is an amazing medium. ***THIS DVD IS CREATED BY A&E IN THE DVD+R FORMAT (As many other titles in A&E DVD+R Library, it does not offer special features. The DVD+R format will play in most DVD players, yet it is recommended to check your DVD player for compatibility) *** JAMES VAN PRAAGH DVD…

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