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Jock Brocas_AuthorJock Brocas – The Author

I am Jock Brocas, a professional psychic medium and an accomplished spiritual author who has written 4 spiritual books, of which three are traditionally published and the fourth due to be released this year 2012. I enjoy the process of writing to teach spiritual lessons and to share knowledge. Many individuals consider that it is easy to write and this is so far from the truth. As an author, you have to accept it as a passion to share knowledge – especially if you are writing in the genre of non-fiction. The process of writing for me is deeply meditative and i feel at one with the power of nature as i let the information flow to me. As a psychic medium, i believe that much of my inspiration comes from spirit and the loved ones on the other side of life. If you consider that many of our greatest artists have been inspired from something they believe as greater than themselves, such as beethoven or mozart, you can begin to understand how a writer may be influenced too.

Jock Brocas – Psychic Medium

I am a professional psychic medium and have developed over many years of study and sitting in circles as well as developing and demonstrating in spiritualist churches. I have also sat with physical mediums and carried out in-depth study on physical and trance mediumship. To date, i work full time for spirit, whether that is teaching, demonstrating mediumship or writing.

Jock Brocas – ASSMPI

I am one of the founding board members of the ASSMPI, which is a charitable organization to help set standards in mediumship and support developing mediums worldwide. Since the beginning of the ASSMPI, it has grown and established itself in several countries throughout the world. As a young fledgling organization, it is on the way to setting benchmarks in mediumship today, whilst raising funds for good causes.


Jock Brocas Author

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Jock Brocas is a professional Spiritual Medium in Florida, Author and spiritual teacher. Jock is dedicated to teaching others how to use their intuition to keep then safe in a world fraught with danger. Jock teaches that we have an inherent power given to us at birth and this intuitive power is there to help us in the world we live in.

Jock Brocas Author May 21, 2012